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Thank you Jessica from the bottom of my heart. The pictures you took help me love myself, my laugh lines and my body, which isn't perfect but I was so comfortable while doing the photoshoot and these pictures will remind me of that!!



I'd never participated in a photo shoot like this before, so I didn't know what to expect. But I needn't have worried, because Jessica was wonderful and the photo shoot was really fun! The photographs are just what we wanted: exciting, artistic representations of our dynamic and cute pictures of us together. Thank you, Jessica!



Big shoutout goes to my girl Jessica Meyers for the shoot!! Check out her work; she on the rise!



Won't lie, seeing myself in a different light like this really was something I needed, thank you to Jessica Meyers once again for the awesome patience and hard work that went into these photos. She's responsible for them not me.



Thanks again for an amazing shoot! It was so fun working together! Great exchange of ideas and concepts which made the shoot exceptional! Awesome pics



Seriously some amazing photos. Thanks! 



"Jessica Meyers, the photographic artist and talent behind Beauty by Photography, promised that she could take a self-proclaimed non-photogenic model (myself) and capture with her lens and imagination, the essence of that very reluctant model.

With her unerring eye for composition and a deft digital touch, she succeeded beyond all imagination."

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